Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Installing Software on AISD PC Computers

In the past, teachers often met a brick wall when they had some software they wanted to install or just wanted to some district-licensed software on all of their computers. This year, some fantastic changes have been made that empower our teachers to install software without any special passwords or permissions, outside of their own.

Sonia Conrad is doing great things with network installs here in Austin ISD. The process has been outlined in a short video by Marc Thrall. You can view the video at http://tinyurl.com/networkinstall .

The basic process to install software on your district PC computers is to:
  1. Open the Control Panels
  2. Open Programs and Features
  3. Click on 'Install Programs from the Network
  4. Click on the program you wish to install and follow onscreen prompts.
On of the great things about this process is that even students can do this with their login on a district computer.  If you go to the lab to do a Comic Life lesson and find that a computer doesn't have it, have the student follow the directions above to install the software right then.

Thanks to Sonia and her group for providing such a wonderful tool that benefits all teachers!

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